April 13, 2018

Home Mission

Home Mission is the Baptist family purse, and each year our Association appeals to raise money for Home Mission.

The money raised aims to help Baptist churches and individuals to reach their mission potential and bring the love of God to their communities. It is used to fund:

  • Grants to local churches. These grants include church planting, renewing local churches and mission project grants. Through Home Mission, hundreds of lives have been affected and many have found faith in Jesus. To find out about grants available to your church, please contact Revd Tim Daniel.
  • The South Wales Baptist Association Team, who are engaged in missional development in our area, supporting new initiatives and churches and supporting the on-going work of churches and their ministers and families.
  • Three specialist teams based at Baptists Together (Baptist Union of Great Britain) to resource churches in their work through legal, ministries and finance support. In addition, these teams represent the mission of God in national ways such as engaging with Government and speaking out on matters of faith.

Check out this short video, produced by the West of England Baptist Association, which explains Home Mission giving further:

Home Mission Stories

Want to know more about how we use Home Mission giving in South Wales? Check out our stories.

Give to home mission

There are many ways you can give to Home Mission. If you would like to give individually or as a church click the donate button to find out more.

home mission resources

Want to increase Home Mission giving in your church? Here are some resources to help you tell your members how effective Home Mission is.

home mission grants

If you are a church and is looking for financial support, why not see if you are eligible for a Home Mission grant.