May 31, 2018

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise and the Mission of God

We are currently exploring supporting churches in business/project development gifts and opportunities that serve the mission of God. That may be to release resources for ministry and mission projects, to enable a local church in its life and witness, and/or to offer itself as part of God’s transformative work in our communities.

We are seeking to gather a resource pool of gifted and motivated people to serve the church in envisioning and developing such social enterprise opportunities. We sense this is something God is calling us to explore together particularly in our current context here in South Wales.

Hence we are in the process of looking to gather a group of people with suitable skills and vision for such kingdom enterprise together with some church leaders who are in situations where they find themselves exploring such possibilities. The aim of such a gathering is to begin to discern ways forward in response to what God is doing among us.

If you are a member of an Association Church with professional experience in this area or an Association Church exploring this also, please get in touch.