April 13, 2018

Who should attend?

Training Course
Are you a Deacon/Trustee/Safeguarding Trustee? Are you a Minister? Are you a Designated Person? Are you working with Adults at Risk (e.g. pastoral visiting, lunch club for people with learning disabilities)? Are you a Children’s Work Leader? Are you a Youth Leader? Are you a Children’s/Youth/Crèche Worker? People who hold many different roles within a local church need to do Safeguarding training, preferably the BUGB Excellence in Safeguarding, which is delivered by the Association. So, if you have answered YES to any of the above questions, you need to do this training.
  • Why Deacons/Trustees?
It is your responsibility to ensure Safeguarding legislation is complied with in your Church. You should have a named trustee responsible for this. You also need to know:
  • When to inform the Charity Commission about a safeguarding issue;
  • When to inform your local Safeguarding Authority;
  • How to manage a person attending your church who poses a risk to children and adults at risk;
  • How to keep appropriate records;
  • How to write policies and procedures, even if no children or adults at risk currently attend your church.
SHOULD ANYTHING GO WRONG you will be the people held accountable.
  • Why Ministers?
Ministers have a role to play in managing any safeguarding issues within the church. What is that role and what isn’t?
  • Designated Person?
Does your church have a Designated Person and do they understand their role?
  • Children/Youth Leader/Pastoral Leader
Do you know what your responsibilities are regarding:
  • Recruiting of volunteers (staff);
  • Record keeping;
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of abuse;
  • Health & safety;
  • Responding to concerns and who can you tell;
  • Writing reports?
  • Children/Youth/Adults at Risk Workers
  • Do you know what your responsibilities are regarding:
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of abuse;
  • Responding to concerns and who can you tell;
  • Record keeping;
  • Writing reports.
There are many reasons why people should attend this training and we strongly recommend that if you hold one (or more) of the above roles, you book on a safeguarding course soon.

What is available?

Level 1: For everyone - This is for all people who attend your church. Videos are now available online for churches to download and show their members and congregation.

Level 2: (Covers all roles and responsibilities listed above) – A morning course.

Level 3: (Specific training for Deacons/Trustees, Ministers, Designated People, Children’s/Youth and Pastoral Leaders) – an afternoon’s course to follow from Level 2 in the morning.

The above training is available to anyone, but we strongly recommend that the people in the above roles in your church attend the courses. If you have sufficient numbers we can deliver the training in your church – please speak to the Association Administrator in the office.